Why you need disposable underwear after giving birth.

Why you need disposable underwear after giving birth.

New moms often wonder what maternity fixation panties are and why they need them. The story starts with the maternity pads. Ordinary sanitary towels are really not designed for maternity use, so you will need to use special maternity pads for effective protection. These pads are longer, softer and more absorbent than regular sanitary towels, and especially designed to absorb the bleeding from your uterus that will start soon after your baby is born. The bleeding is a normal part of healing and will happen whether you had a vaginal or a caesarean birth. You may bleed for as little as two weeks or for as long as six weeks after having your baby.

Maternity pads come in many sizes and are sold by many companies. But basically, all you need to consider is comfort and thickness. As soon as you start using them however you may find out it is quite a struggle to keep your incontinence pads in place, especially if you are using them with your regular underwear. That is where fixation pants come in: they are a discreet, effective and comfortable way to keep the bulky maternity pads in place.

You may have heard of maternity fixation panties being referred to as “net pants” or “mesh pants” and you may have received them at the maternity hospital. All fixation panties are made of elastic material that keeps the pad in place. The only problem is that most of the first-generation mesh panties that are still being used by many hospitals literally look and feel as if they are made of fish netting. Not only do they look terrible, they are also anything but comfortable. Luckily many maternity hospitals are now moving on to the more comfortable and dignified seamless knit fixation panties.

When we started AltroCare, we worked with the leading US manufacturer of knitted fixation panties to design the best seamless fixation panty on the market. Our goal was to develop a fixation panty that feels like regular underwear, is virtually invisible under clothing and at the same time can hold in place a bulky maternity pad. The most important thing of all however was that it had to be comfortable. And to top it all off, we wanted a panty that - while inexpensive enough to be disposable – you could still wash in the regular washing cycle without it falling apart.

The result is our AltroCare Seamless Knit Fixation Panty which is sold in our Amazon Store, and we must admit we are really proud of it. Our fixation panties are made of a super soft knit material without any seams that hugs your body shape and keeps the pad in place in a discreet way. Actually these panties are so comfortable that more and more people are using them as underwear after childbirth for stress incontinence.

After talking to friends who had just had a baby, we also came to understand that many moms struggle to find fixation panties in their local convenience store after leaving the hospital. So we decided to sell our panties online in a convenient 5-pack with an easy to use size guide. Actually, we are so confident you will like our panties, that we’re offering a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If you don’t like our panties just send us an email and we’ll refund your money – you may keep the panties. On the other hand, if you like our panties as much was we do, please tell your friends and family about it – or even better like us on Facebook. Let’s spread the message together that while we need fixation panties after childbirth, that doesn’t mean we can’t be comfortable.
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